Thursday, January 28, 2010

Georgetown Health & Wellness Fair and Tosca Reno

I had last Saturday a booth at the Health & Wellness Fair in Georgetown organized by Living on Live Food Coach Susan Wilson.
Prepared and with the help of the Thermomix were samples of Green Smoothies, Raw Pizza Crackers, Red Beet & Carrot Salad, Raw Banana Coconut Pie, Dipping Oil, Red Lentil Hummus, Baguettes, Farmers Bread, Banana Espresso Spelt Cake and Blueberry Matcha Spelt Cake available. As promised, I'm going to post the recipes.
Guest speaker was Tosca Reno, author of the Eat-Clean Diet. I couldn't believe how gorgeous and inspiring she is. I did some reading before: Every recipe in Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook has a beautiful photo, with serving size and nutritional information. It is not a vegetarian but a veggie-friendly cookbook with a couple vegan recipes made with wholesome ingredients. All her books are on her website and book stores available.
The other highlight were young green coconuts fresh shipped from Costa Rica.


  1. BRAVO Elisabeth! This was a huge amount of work. Your booth looks so impressive and well organized. (I think this is probably the reason more Canadians are visiting my blog from your area. You have sparked their interest!) Thanks for telling us about it and thanks for doing all the preparation to help more people find out about our favourite kitchen machine!

  2. Hi Helene. Thank you. Actually, as you know, the preparation with our helper was so supereasy :-)