Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quinoa Pilaf - with broccoli and marinated beech mushrooms

Easy, quick and simple - quinoa has complete nutrition, high protein, delicious nutty flavor - by itself or in this pilaf with  beech mushrooms , marinated with garlic, olive oil and soy sauce and sautéed in a hot skillet


1 Onion
2 Carrots
2 Stalks of Celery
180 g Quinoa (rinsed in hot water)
540 g Vegetable Broth
400 g Broccoli, in florets (frozen)

  • Chop onion, carrots and celery  5 seconds on speed 5
  • Add quinoa, vegetable broth and broccoli. Cook for 15 minutes/ 100°C/ speed 1 / on Reverse
  • Allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving

Quinoa Pilaf


1 Zwiebel
2 Moehren
2 Stangen Sellerie
180 g Quinoa (in heissem Wasser gespuelt)
540 g Gemuesebruehe
400 g Brokkoliroeschen (gefroren)

  • Zwiebel, Moehren und Sellerie auf  Stufe 5 zerkleinern
  • Quinoa, Gemuesebruehe und Brokkoli zugeben. 15 Min./100°/Stufe1/ Linkslauf  garen
  • die restliche Fluessigkeit fuer 5 Minuten vor dem Verzehr ausquellen lassen


  1. That looks beautiful, and I bet it tastes good too! Lovely photos. We love quinoa too! I've never seen beech mushrooms - they look so cute!

  2. Thank you Jo. We had these mushrooms the first time and they were really good.

  3. Oh, how jealous am I of your Thermomix! It's been 6 years since I lived in Spain with a woman who had one, but I've never forgotten about it since. Some day I will have one...someday... :)

  4. You will Diana, I'm sure.... and you have the perfect corner in your studio :-)

  5. Hi,

    That looks gorgeous!

    I am seriously contemplating buying a TM, but the one thing that it seems to be missing is the capability to grate - like the beautiful carrots and zucchini (?) you have in the background. Is there some accessory I don't know about? That would make it the ultimate machine… so how did you grate your carrots?

    Many thanks for your time!

  6. Hi Liese,

    These are carrots and pea sprouts in the background. I used a Boerner Thin Julienne Cutter for the carrots (or I chop them for 5 seconds on speed 5). I wish Vorwerk comes up with an idea for a slicing disc one day :-).
    Have you had your demo yet?

  7. I have, but it felt pretty slap dash… I wasn't shown anything a food processor/blender couldn't do (ie anything cooked) apart from creme anglaise - which was impressive - but irrelevant to my needs - ie healthy!

    However the sorbet was amazing!! I'd almost buy it for that alone! I miss ice cream…

    I don't see why TM can't add a grating and slicing disc - if you can pop on a whisk why not a disc? You'd just need a lid with a feeder hole…

    Can you tell me, is it efficient for small quantities as well? Like if you want to chop a clove of garlic or a couple of dates or something?


  8. Liese, some people bought the TM only for the sorbet or for the scale :-).
    I know what you mean. You should ask your consultant to show you something for your needs? I use the TM for small and large quantities. Good luck on your decission!

  9. It's highly probable that I will get a thermomix for Christmas. I am delighted to find your blog. I'm somewhat vegetarian by taste more than by philosophy and the worst part of eating veggie is the chopping, the slicing, the neverending cycle of washing cutting boards and knives.. your recipes look delicious and I will certainly try some (if I get my TM!)

  10. Hi,this looks great and I would like to try this out but not sure if this feeds 2 or 4?

    1. Hi Ramshaws,

      This is enough for 2 adults and 2 kids (11 & 14) with a side salad. Enjoy!