Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Cookbook - Travelling with Thermomix

This is a Special Host Reward for my Thermomix clients.To receive this beautifully presented hardcover cookbook for free: Contact me and invite a minimum of just 3 other people for another demo.


This book takes you on a flavourful journey around the world with Thermomix. Welcome aboard! Please take your seats and get ready to discover some of the most emblematic recipes from the five continents. From Europe to Asia, from Australia to North Africa, passing through North America, Brazil, the Caribbean and India, we want you to sample with us the best cuisine from these regions of the world. There are more than 80 recipes in all that give a good picture of the versatility of Thermomix and its ability to fit in with culinary traditions of all kinds.

This book offers you an opportunity to make original meals and journey through a world of surprising taste sensations without ever leaving home. The recipes are carefully developed to come out perfectly every time and include dishes as varied as the famous Spanish paella, Brazilian pão de queijo (chewy cheese rolls) Moroccan tagine, German dumplings, Russian blinis and the quintessential Italian piadizza. And of course we cannot forget Asian flavours, like Indian Prawn Curry or Spicy Thai Seafood Soup. Gather friends or family together and get ready for an adventure – you have more than 80 recipes from 23 different countries to choose from!

Click here to view the recipe index and see what other great recipes you could be making!