Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raw Almond Butter & White Almond Butter

Raw Almond Butter

This is my way to prepare raw  creamy almond butter without anything added. I need only time and real raw almonds from italy or spain since almonds from California are pasteurized. Soaked and dehydrated almonds have to be really really dry. Mine were not soaked this time.

                          Cooled the  TMX bowl outside the snow  :-) 


450 g / 3 cups Raw Organic Almonds

  • Set TMX timer for 20 minutes and watch that temperature stays at 37 °C
  • Blend on speed 9-10 for 1 min 20sec  /speed 9-10 and switch to speed 4-5 for 2 min
  • Place your TMX bowl into the snow or into the freezer for 5 min
  • Blend  3 min 30 sec / speed 4 Rest for 5-10 min in snow or fridge
  • Blend  3 min 30 sec / speed 4 and rest for 1 hour in snow or fridge
  • Set timer and blend 10 - 20 min / speed 3-4

I always prepare with some remaining almond butter Antony's Quick Kelp Noodles with a Chilli-Almond Sauce without rinsing the bowl:

White Almond Butter
Costco has the freshest sliced almonds perfect for creamy white almond butter. The nut butter won't be raw this way since it will heat up up to 80 °C.
500 g Sliced Almonds, frozen
  • Grind almonds 1 min / speed 10
  • Blend 10 min / speed 5
  • Blend 15 min / speed 4-5

Rohkoestliches Mandelmus

Im Winter stell ich meinen Mixtopf zum Kuehlen ganz gerne in den Schnee :-) .
So bereite ich meine rohe Mandelbutter zu: 

450 g / 3 Tassen Mandeln

  • 20 Min einstellen und darauf achten, dass die Temperatur nicht hoeher als 37 °C geht
  • 1 Min 20 Sek / Stufe 9-10 mahlen und 2 Min / Stufe 4-5 mixen
  • Den Mixtopf fuer 5 Min in den Schnee oder Gefrierschrank stellen 
  • 3 Min 30 Sek / Stufe 4 mixen und fuer 5-10 Min in den Schnee oder Kuehlschrank stellen
  • 3 Min 30 Sek / Stufe 4 mixen und fuer 1 Stunde in Schnee oder Kuehlschrank
  • 10 - 20 Min / Stufe 3-4

Weisses Mandelmus

Das Mandelmus erhitzt sich bei dieser Variante auf bis zu 80 °C.

5oo g gehobelte Mandeln, gefroren

  • Mandeln 1 Min / Stufe 10 mahlen
  • 10 Min / Stufe 5 mixen
  • 15 Min / Stufe 4-5 mixen


  1. Ich lade Dich ein, Dich an der 'Blog-Aktion für Japan' zu beteiligen.

    Hier findest Du die weiteren Informationen zu der Aktion:

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Du mitmachst.

  2. Your blog looks beautiful. Love the raw pudding.

  3. I have just joined the thermomix world - it is a great addition to my resourceful, simple beachside lifestyle here in NSW Australia. I am very excited!!
    I am so happy to have come across your blog. I'll be checking in and trying some of your recipes for sure!

  4. Welcome to the World of Thermomix nais and enjoy your helper.

  5. Hi! I love your blog! So useful for me as a newbie with TMX and introducing me into raw foods!!
    I want to prepare tomorrow this recipe, though I'm finding the times a bit confusing... Wouldn't it be the same if I do the process by counting min and sec, at the speed and Temp required?
    On the other hand, would it work the same, with times and temps, if I use less weight of almonds?
    Thank you!!

  6. Thanks Isabel. If its too confusing, try my other version with less almonds:
    250 g raw almonds blend them for 1 min / speed 10 and scrape down between. Place TMX bowl, incl. almonds, for 30 min in freezer and blend 10 min / speed 4


  7. Hi I know you posted this over a year ago and I came accross your page from a web search. I like your almond butter recipe, but I am wondering how long does it keep for? Presuming in the fridge?

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Amanda,
      Ours doesn't last long around here to give you and answer. Yes, we keep it in the fridge!