Monday, June 21, 2010

Brown Rice Milk

Cheaper und much better than store-bought. When I started to make rice milk from scratch, I used 1/3 of arborio rice. Now we prefer the taste of sprouted  sweet brown rice milk or brown basmati rice milk.

50 g Rice
1000 g Water

  • Pulverise rice for 1 min./speed 10
  • Add water and warm for 7 min./70°C/speed 4
  • Blend slowly from speed 4-8 for 40 sec.
  • Strain through cheese cloth or nutmilk bag and cool before refrigerating

-sweeten milk with  2-3 soaked dates, 30 g rice syrup or honey
- add 10 g lecithin, almonds or tahini
- 1 Tsp. coconut oil
- use over night soaked or sprouted rice



50 g Basmatireis, natur
1000 g Wasser

  • Reis im Mixtopf auf 1 Min./Stufe 8 zerkleinern
  • Wasser zugeben und 7 Min./70°C/Stufe 4 erwaermen
  • Langsam von Stufe 1 -8/ 40 Sek. puerieren
  • Durch ein Baumwolltuch abfiltern

- mit 2-3 eingeweichten Datteln, 30 g Reissirup oder Honig suessen
- 10 g Lecithin, Mandeln oder Tahini
- 1 TL Kokosoel  zugeben
- der Reis kann, muss aber nicht ueber Nacht eingeweicht werden
- gekeimter Naturreis
- 15 g Arborio + 35 g Basmatireis, natur


  1. Looks so yummy -- and SO much cheaper! Thanks so much for posting this. I do all my risottos now with brown basmati rice and have stopped buying Arborio. (Brown basmati is better for people with diabetes and I believe is also recommended for people with "Type O" blood who eating for their blood type.) I can't wait to try your rice milk recipe.

  2. My children and friends go crazy for it. The Arborio is a treat in our house :-) and use mostly brown basmati like you. Let me know, if you like it...