Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raw Soup for Two

Raw soups from scratch are prepared in just a few minutes. They are great as a light meal on their own or as a starter.


10 Almonds or 2 Tbs Nut Butter
2 Tbs Miso light
1 Clove of Garlic
Cayenne to taste
250 g water or coconut water

1 Zucchini
1/2 Red Pepper
2 Tomatoes
3-4 Baby Bella mushroom or 1 Portabella ( take off the black)

2 Tbs Olive Oil 

  • Blend the almonds on speed 10
  • Add Miso, water, cayenne and nut butter ( if not using almonds) and blend 5 seconds on speed 5
  • Scrape down with spatula and warm soup for 10 minutes / 37°C / speed 4
  • Meanwhile cut up your veggies and drizzle them with olive oil and Coconut Aminos
  • Pour the soup in bowls and garnish with veggies


  1. Hi Tebasile,

    Deine Seite besuche ich immer wieder besonders gern. Die Fotos sind ein echter Augenschmaus! Toll

  2. Danke Ravenna:-). Kicher... wegen meinen manchmal in D nicht erhaeltlichen Zutaten hab ich das Rezept nicht uebersetzt. Wenn Du magst uebersetzte ich es aber gerne....