Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dr. Brian Clement, Help for Chayenne and the NAPCC

Dr. Brian Clement was in Ontario. He came last Thursday for a lecture, organized from Susan Wilson to Georgetown. After his talk, during his usual Q&A, a woman named Tiffany from Guelph spoke to Dr. Clement about her 9year old daughters serious condition, degenerative arthritis, explaining how she is in a lot of pain and can eat very little. Dr. Clement has agreed to look at her records and to find out everything possible for her. Her mom registered  to go to the Hippocrates Health Centre in West Palm Beach Florida the world premier medical health spa even though she has little money and doesn't know how she will manage this. She is hoping to go in May when Dr. Clement will be there for most of the 3 weeks.

Why I'm telling you this story whether you were at the show or not. It makes our heart break to know a little child needs help and financially may not be able to get it. Chayenne, because she is under 12, can go to the Hippocrates Health Centre for free. However her mother needs funds for her flights and special treatments for her while she is there. The cost of their stay and treatments will be approx $10.000. I'm asking if anyone of you can spare some money. To help send her, to give her a chance to live a happy healthy life. It would be much appreciated. Susan will be donating the profit of all the books sold last thursday at the show. My friends Mireille and Chantalle are raising money as well for help to send her. Chantalle is giving $500 !

This email is copied with permisson from Susan:

As most of you know this May marks the third anniversary of TPED meeetings, Tped is The Project TO End Disease. Each month I hold free meetings where many of you have come and listened on how "Never to get sick again" and gained valuable information, handouts, recipes, pamphlets, special drs information , raw food snacks, drinks, and even watch very useful movies and documentaries all for no charge and it has been a pleasure bringing you into my home and helping you and your family gain knowledge on health and wellness.

This month on March 25th I'm asking you for a favour back. First I would like to ask you to invite each and every member of your family and friends to attend this months TPED meeting I want my house bursting at the seams, people in the driveway lined up to get in. Why you ask? Well for the 2nd reason which is the most important favour. I need you to open your heart and wallets and donate $20.00 each if possible or what you can spare to help send a very sick little 9year girl to Hippocrates health Institue in West Palm Beach Florida in May.

For those that were at the last health lecture last week with Brian Clement there was a women (Tiffany) asking Brian about her daughters condition which is worsening by the day, and if she could be helped at all, and he was very optimistic that with her 3 week stay at Hippocrates where they have a special diet program and therapies she could benefit from this. Tiffany is a single mom on a fixed income and can not afford the 10,000 in costs that will occur to send her and her mother there with special therapies and the program that is needed for her.

This is why a group of us have got together and are asking for any help we can get. Darcel a lovely women who I know many have seen at my home and her husband have offered to foot the airline bill which is fantastic, we have had some donations come in each day which is great. I really would love to see this become a reality for her so please please please help and attend this months TPED meeting or if you are not able to attending maybe you can send a donation on your behalf.

I would like to thank the people who have already come forward and offered a donation already, and the people that have offered ideas and suggestions they have all been great unfortunately for me I can only do so much and my plate is over flowing

Thanks for your support
Thurs March 25th at 7pm
Please RSVP

Are you willing to help? Susan has a paypal account.
Much love and gratitude

Serving a live organic dinner


Dr. Brian Clement and Susan
Dr. Brian Clement and me

Susan and I as dinner fairies: We were preparing  the reception in Hamilton at the Convention Center organized by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACHES . We served a raw vegan meal including pizza wraps with mock salmon paté, marinated veggie parcels, sunflower paté on sliced yums, red beet & carrot salad, maccarons and brownies.  

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