Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silk-Dyed Eggs

Easter is around the corner and I was dreaming: Martha Stewart, Oprah and I steaming some coloured Too bad, she knows already about this technique.
My friend Hans shared almost 3 years ago his Family-Easter-Eggs-Dyeing-Event with me. They wrapped eggs with ugly, old pieces of silk from ties/scarves/old blouses and placed them in boiling water with vinegar. The silk was reused the other year.
I'm going to show this technique some TMX-Users and better check out the Thrift Store. My husband is not too happy to give more of his ties away.
Now, this is my way using the Varoma and the Thermomix:

Raw Eggs ( room temperature)
100% Pure Silk Ties - lining removed

  • Cut silk in pieces -large enough to cover one egg- and moisten them with water
  • Wrap silk -right side/print facing- with yarn around the eggs
  • Place in the Varoma, add 800 ml of water in the TM-bowl and steam for 2o min/Varoma/speed 1
  • Rinse under cold water and remove silk from cooled eggs
  • Wipe them -for shiny eggs- with some Coconut Oil or any other oil

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  • nasse Seidenstuecke (Krawatte) um zimmerwarme Eier wickeln
  • 20 Min/Varoma/Stufe 1 garen
  • kalt abspuelen, abwickeln, einfetten und fertig


  1. Oh what a wonderful idea!
    But how to get some silk ties from my husband???

  2. Can't you steal his old wedding tie?
    My husband has around 100 ties and I have to go to the Thrift Store :-)

  3. Wow! These really are stunning Tebasile!!! Think I'm off to the op shop with DD tomorrow!

  4. Good luck and Thank you ILB :-)