Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poppy Seed Cake With Whipped Citrus Frosting

I've been experimenting, trying to create a raw poppy seed cake with almond pulp.

220 g poppy seeds ( 3/4 cup, soaked in water over night and rinsed)
210 g almond pulp ( from almond milk)
150 g dates
5 - 10 g cacao butter
pinch of salt

Coconut flesh from 2 young coconuts
50 g lemon juice
2 Tbs Agave
1 drop lemon oil
30 g Coconut oil

  • Place poppy seeds, almond pulp, dates, salt and cacao butter in TMX and blend on speed 5 / 30 - 40 sec.
  • Press in a cake ring and dehydrate at 115°F  up to 3 hours or set in the freezer
  • Blend coconut flesh, lemon juice, Agave, lemon oil and coconut oil smoth and spread on cake
  • Refrigerate or freeze for an hour to firm up.


  1. Wow, Elli, der Kuchen sieht toll aus.

  2. Aber leider bekomme ich die jungen Kokosnüsse immer so schlecht.

  3. Danke Inka. Anstatt der jungen Kokosnuesse wuerde ich Kokosflocken fuer ein paar Stunden einweichen und die puerieren.

  4. Bravo to you! This is a gorgeous healthy recipe that obviously took time to develop. A super accomplishment, and I bet you are proud. I especially like it because it shows how creative we can be with Thermomix to pull us forward in the kitchen. I have added this one to my blog list of "Inspiring Recipes from Thermomix Fans Around the World." (First, I must make some almond milk, and then I'll try it.) Thanks for another terrific original recipe!

  5. Hi Helene,
    I can't wait to hear if you liked it :-). Thanks for adding it to your blog list.

  6. The Poppy Seed Cake is very delicious! I brought this dessert to several friends who eat in a very traditional way. They could not believe that a dessert could be so tasty and healthy at the same time.
    Thanks Elisabeth!

  7. Hi Kim, thanks for your feedback. Isn't this amazing how you start to feed the world! I hope you feed me next weekend with spirulina pie... . Don't forget the cacao butter and I post the recipe :-)